August Skunk Season: Keeping Them Away

Top Skunk Removal Tips

Skunks are in most times harmless creatures to humans but when provoked there can be serious
consequences. Though small in nature, skunks can spray over large areas and their odor can last for days. If you live around places that are prone to skunks, you are probably familiar with problems related to skunks. However, some of the best ways to avoid skunk related problems is prevention. Getting rid of a skunk can prove quite tricky but it can be done. It is advisable that you take care because skunks can carry rabies which is fatal to humans. Skunk removal Toronto specialists had several tips to offer for when dealing with skunks.

Prevention involves using some skunk repellents so as to keep them from getting into your compound. Though it takes time to get satisfactory results, automatic sprinklers and bright lights usually prove successful in keeping skunks away. Pepper sprays work well if they are regularly applied so as to ensure their effectiveness. Ensure that you seal up openings in your fence that may provide a way for skunks to invade your yard.

If the skunk already has access to your yard, it is advisable that you find its den. This should be done during the night when the skunk is out foraging so to avoid getting bitten or sprayed by the skunk. Seal up the den to ensure that the skunk no longer has any way of entering the den once again. Sprinkling the den with a hose pipe is also advisable, as skunks dislike wet habitats. You can also spray the skunk’s habitat with commercial pest repellent to chase away the skunk.

However if all these methods prove futile, you can opt to use baits to trap the skunk. Some of the best baits to use to trap skunks include box skunk traps. Ensure that the trap you use is small enough so that the skunk does not spray effectively. Ensure that you bait the traps with foods that are odorous such as tuna, canned pet food or sardines. Once you have trapped the skunk, you should call the call the animal control unit to collect the skunk.

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