Protecting Your Garden From Squirrels

Squirrel is among the most notorious rodents that can frustrate the gardener. They not only eat the bulbs, vegetables and plants, but also dig up the garden. Therefore, you need to find best tips of keeping them out of your garden. The first thing is to understand what squirrel feeds on. Secondly is to find what attracts them most. They shred bark s of plants and consume bird feeders. Here are some tips on how to control squirrels. We asked the professionals, squirrel removal Toronto experts.

Tip #1: Getting homemade repellants

There are repellants that you can use at home to keep away squirrels. Homemade squirrel repellant such as powdered pepper can help keep your garden safe.

Tip #2: Using physical obstructions

You can use physical objects to block the bulbs, like plastic mesh. In addition, you may useĀ  obstacles to prevent them from getting into your garden or lawn. Such obstacles include plastic netting. If you want to protect the base of trees, you can use aluminum sheet to block the bark.

Tip #3: Scaring away method

You can scare away, the squirrels by use of led lights. Alternatively, you may use sprinklers on your garden. Water scares away the squirrels.

Tip #5: Trapping method

Trapping, is another option of controlling squirrels. You can keep them away by setting traps with their favorite food. Keeping squirrels away from your garden n is not hard. All you need is the best tips on how to eliminate them. While there are natural ways to eliminate them, there are also methods that can be used to wipe them completely. Moreover, squirrels breed very fast and can be a nuisance to your gardening efforts.

Dont use pesticides as when they areĀ  brought in they will kill the squirrels. If the number of squirrels is overwhelming, you may buy pesticides from your local agro vet. However you need to take caution, are some of them are poisonous to other animals.