Examples of Pigeon Deterrents That Work

Just like most rodents, pigeons are completely adapted to living in human environments. For instance, it is possible to see numerous roosts constructed by these birds as their dwellings, they consume human plant crops and most kitchen refuse provide their food resource. Moreover, the current statuses of living have wiped out entirely any would-be competitors or predators.

Though these birds live harmoniously with man, they have some severe negative attributes such as; they litter one’s compound with extremely corrosive feces, which in most cases are in high quantities and also they are a serious concern on human health. However, any attempt to use pigeon deterrents that work, ought to be well thought. This is because pigeons are not any typical pest that can be controlled anyhow.

The first effective deterrent is to deny them food and water. Thus, a client would be required to clean up bird grains, seeds, secure all garbage bags and garbage cans. All water resource, even the smallest of amount can support a detestable population of them. Another method that has proved to be an excellent pigeon deterrent is deployment of live traps. For instance, the use of Bob traps, where a bait of cracked corn is placed in a one way trap. However, for the trap to offer desirable result it is imperative to leave a number of birds inside as entices.

The other effective way is to build ones structure such that it excludes pigeons. In essence, this is by building pigeon proofs and they include; bird wires, pigeon spikes, electrified tracks, bird netting, wiring, and bird slopes. However, when a client knows where the pigeons have build their nests, an individual can place repellent that makes their roosts inhabitable. Most of these products are found in the form of liquids or gel, they can be either sticky, hot peppers or soft. When the bird lands on these substances it becomes irritated almost instantly and the only viable option is to leave.