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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches From Your Kitchen

Cockroaches in your kitchen can be an expensive nuisance if you are thinking about calling pest control to get rid of the problem. There are number of different methods you can try to scare cockroaches away. Here are some tips from cockroach control Markham on how to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen.

Use roach traps

Roach traps which are coated with a small amount of glue can help to stop a cockroach infestation in your kitchen. First, try and find out where the cockroaches are coming from and then place the traps close to where you think their nest is situated. If the cockroach problem persists, consider moving the roach traps to a
different area, and pay close attention to cockroach droppings, exoskeletons, or egg sacs.

Get rid of items that can attract cockroaches

Cockroaches are often attracted by warm, dark items that they can crawl into or create a nest in. This can include piles of rubbish or clutter, paper and plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and piles of old newspapers and magazines. If you have seen a cockroach in your kitchen, make sure that you carefully dispose of all of these items.

Clean your kitchen

To ensure that cockroaches don’t appear again, give your kitchen a thorough clean. Get rid and dispose of any food that has been left on the floor or work surfaces. Cover and fresh fruit or vegetables which are on display in the kitchen, and place them into cupboards or the refrigerator. If bread has been left on the
worktop, place it into a plastic airtight container bag, and make sure that the oven, stove, and cupboards are all clean, both outside and in. Also pay attention to other kitchen appliances such as the microwave, and vacuum floor surfaces thoroughly. Sweep rugs and make sure food is not left around after meal times.


How to Protect Your Garden from Raccoons

The may look so attractive to an innocent eye, yet raccoons are wild animals which do not often get along well with human beings. Are they pillaging on your garden? Protecting your home from these animals requires a little factual information. First, these are nocturnal animals which look for food at night, a reason why you may not see them pretty often. Similarly, they dislike excessive noise and light, which can be used as a form of defence against the messy animals. Here is the insight on how to protect your garden from raccoons or you can just call raccoon removal Toronto:

Light up your home well

As aforementioned, raccoons are nightly creatures that dislike excessive light, primarily the reason why they prey on your garden at night. Keep them off by installing a good lighting system around your home. Garden lights are the most appropriate, and perhaps install motion sensors alongside to save some power while keeping these animals away.

Install a protective net around the garden

A wire mesh fence can offer the best protection especially when you have a vegetable garden however, be keen to make it floppy at the top because these creatures can climb over. Slope the wire fence slightly such that it extends outwards away from your garden. This way, the animals may not be able to climb.

Use a scarecrow

Raccoons are easily scared, but can soon realize and get past the trick when you have a motionless scarecrow. To scare them off completely, think of something modern such as the scarecrow sprinkler. This is a sprinkler which is activated y motion. Ensure the jet stream is strong enough to keep the wild animals away. Use repellents

There are several repellents, both synthetic and home-made, which can be used to keep raccoons away from your garden. First, note that there is a characteristic smell that raccoons cannot stand. For instance, moth -balls have this unpleasant smell that the raccoons cannot stand. Surprisingly, noise repellents also work so well. There are various solar-powered repellents in stores today, most of which are activated y motion.

Consider potent spices too, which have a strong smell to discourage the animals. Such include cinnamon, ground black pepper as well as ground and dried hot pepper. Besides scaring the animals away, these products are safe for garden plants and will, therefore, not cause any potential harm.

In summary, raccoons can be a threat unless they are controlled effectively. From such tips, it is common knowledge that the prevention of raccoons is not that pricey. You need to be smart by playing around with some of the known raccoon characteristics and they will stay off your garden.