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What You Need to Know About Garden Ants

Black Ant or the most popular Garden may be a constant pain for quite a few, particularly through the summertime. This species sting or doesn’t bite and isn’t connected with distributing pathogens. So, having Garden Ants in your house is not going to present a hazard to your own quality of life.

Each nest will have several hundred workers and a Queen. Big nests might have workers numbering to the thousands. The Queen is about 15mm in length and her only intention is really to lay eggs. The workers are usually 4-5mm in length as well as their jobs are constructing/keeping the collecting and nest food.

When they locate a food source that is suitable, the worker will come back to the nest leaving a scent (pheromone) trail by tapping on its abdomen it’s going upon. Other workers will pick on before very long and this odor trail, you may possess a steady flow of ants going between the food source as well as the nest.

Garden Ants like to construct their nests in well-drained soil, usually having a high sand content. They can not be somewhat unintuitive and benefit from other nesting places like rotten lumber, brickwork (tunnelling into mortar) and even in big plant pots. Maintain an open mind when trying to find the nest or call ant control Toronto company.