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Protect Your Garden Plants From Mice Invasion

There is nothing as disheartening as waiting for your plants to bloom only for them to be destroyed by mice or any other rodents. If you have a garden, then you should probably look for a way to ensure that mice do not get in. They can be very destructive because they multiply very fast and can be very difficult to completely eliminate. If not controlled, you may end up with an army of rats nibbling on your plants. So, how do you protect your garden plants from mice invention? Some of the ways you can do following step or just call you local mice control service:

  1. Fence the area: Use wire fences around your garden, which are more than 12 inches above the ground. Remember than mice can squeeze themselves through small holes, so the mesh needs to be 1/4 inch or even smaller than that. Remember that using fencing materials such as plastic or wood would not hep much, because mice can chew them and get access to your garden.
  2. Remove clutter: Mice love cluttered places that provide them with a place to hide. Try as much as possible not to have lawn debris and thick ground covers. Do not crowd together the tools and equipment used in the garden as they provide a healthy hiding and breeding ground for the mice.
  3. Mulch away from the plant: If you are using mulching on your plants, create a small space between the mulch and the plant so that them mice don’t burrow though and make it a habitat.
  4. Have repellant crops: There are some plant aromas that mice cannot stand. Such plan ts include mint, onion and garlic You can have them in your garden as a natural way to deter mice from getting into your garden.
  5. Till and weed the garden: This should be done appropriately so that overgrown plants are removed. Tilling also reduces the amount of cover vegetation that would attract mice. If you have hanging trees and branches overlooking your garden, then you should trim them so that the mice don’t use it as a way of accessing your plants.
  6. Keep a cat around: If you love pets, then you can get a cat and have it walk around the garden. The smell of cats is always enough to make mice disappear and keep away.

You can use these methods to efficiently protect your garden from these rodents. The trick is to ensure that there is no access by blocking all the possible entrance points. If you see mice in your garden, get rid of them immediately through trapping or baiting before they multiply and cause more harm.