Learn How To Keep Out Pigeons From Your Property

Pigeon droppings can cover many public spaces , sidewalks, rooks and sometimes even people in a certain location. The uric acid , which is the stuff in pigeon poop that makes it white , is not only gross looking , but it can also mess up paint and some buildings. Pigeon droppings also contain some fungi and bacteria that is dangerous and can potentially harm humans. If your property is covered in pigeon poop, then people will most likely avoid going there or feel very uncomfortable if they do. This article will provide you with everything you need to know as well as some tips on how to keep pigeons away from your property, but you always can call your local pigeon removal Toronto service.

Scare Them Away

Equivalent of the pigeon , scarecrows may also be an option. Consider buying some flowy streamers of some sort and hanging them around your property. Also , with a little bit of creativity , you could also easily make these right at your home. In the wind , the streamers will flow and move and cause the pigeons to become spooked and fly away. The streamers are also good because they could add some extras style to your property, as well.

If you fail to prevent pigeons from coming to your property , you may need to consider trapping them with a pigeon trap. I would only use this to act as a last resort, though. Make sure that you check each of the traps you set at least once a day. Also make sure that you leave some water in the trap so the pigeons will have something to drink. This will also attract more birds and cause the ones already trapped to not get upset or stressed. Immediately release all other birds that you were not intending to catch with this trap.

Spray Them With Water

Spraying pigeons with a water hose is recommended by many. Be sure that they are sprayed immediately as they arrive so that they won’t have time to establish a roosting spot on your property. If they have an established roosting spot, then spraying them with water will not be effective because they will continue to come back.

Those are some of the many ways that you can keep pigeons away from your property. Pigeons are annoying and their poop can cause many problems. It can cause harm to humans and it’s just an all around disgusting sight to look at. If pigeons are surrounding your property , then you should try one of the methods above and take action immediately. Note that if they begin to roost, then it will be ten times harder to get rid of them.